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Strategic Management

21 Jan

School has resumed for me. It’s no joke juggling between work, school & this thing you can barely call a life. Nothing is impossible, but who would mind a little helping hand? I won’t.

My classes fall on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Seems like the best choices compared to classes landing on a bluish Monday or ‘I should partay cos tomorrow’s a Friday’ Thursday and ‘I must partay cos today’s a Friday & tomorrow’s a Saturday’ Friday.

It’s my second week of school since my break & all I can say is, it’s not a breeze. Fortunately, my helping hand came in the form of my lecturer who teaches me this module, Strategic management. He has taught me before and I know he’s good. I left work a little late & had to take 2 buses to reach school but I wouldn’t miss his class & boy was I glad I didn’t. Continue reading

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