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18 Feb

I’ve been barraging through work nowadays and I love it. I was told my time will be made worthwhile and it has been. I don’t know where this is coming from or how this is happening. I just love where I work and what I’m doing.

Everyday is a new canvas to be filled with, everyday there’s something new to be seen and learnt. The best thing is decisions are made with a snap of the fingers and it feels great to be the fingers.

Exciting days have been experienced and exciting days are ahead.

Just a little reminder to myself:

Ideas should flow like water does, down a stream or in the sea. Let nothing stand in its way, not rocks, not bridges, not shores. Yet water will be nothing but water until its collected from the river, purified and drank to quench a thirst.

Just like ideas will be nothing unless processed, rationalized and put to action. An impractical idea is like drinking unpurified water, you’re just gonna spit it out anyway.


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