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25 Feb

In a recipe, ingredients can be carefully chosen and steps be carefully replicated to produce a desired outcome of a dish, but the same can’t be said about raising children. This important phase in Life involves more than hand picked ingredients and steps. The worse part is, unlike cooking there’s no classes to prepare you for the real thing. No Tv Shows like “Yan can’t cook, so can you!”

Amazingly, some do it like they have done it before. Without practice and some coaching, some have managed to do it quite well. Albeit using unorthodox methods.

Guess you could call my family, a semi transformational modern family. English speaking, traditional, yet with a little mix of the West.

Brought up by a Mother with rich maternal instincts with a lack of words and a Chauvinistic yet humble Father who constantly stress on family ties, three brothers manage to grow up to become three very different people yet deeply rooted to our teachings. Though close, never the family who would spout words of affection to one another. Poor mom has to suffer in the hands of insensitive chauvinistic men and plead for the occasion goodbye kiss or hug. Continue reading

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