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I’m Posting every week in 2011!

17 Jan

I know I’m a little late joining this challenge. As cliche as it sounds, better late than never. It’s mid-January now and I’ve got to admit I’m losing pace.

Blogging isn’t a race, but I sprint from the start and I’m feeling the stitches right now.

In my first month of blogging, I got a total of 12 decent posts. I told myself that if I were able to keep up, posting 10 posts a month till the end of 2011, I’ll make this a dot com (with a different name, new guy just don’t quite cut it anymore).

Having said that, I’m really feeling the fatigue. In December, I didn’t have much to do at work. Heck, I was blogging at work. My first post was done in an hour right before lunch time.

Now in 2011, though I have fitted into my new work place, work’s piling up. My part-time classes have resumed, so this is going to be quite a challenge. One I’m so willing to take.

Like I said, I’m a little late, but I will pick topics from Daily Post every week. A post a week will give me a minimum of four posts a month. As and when I can, I will posts an extra one or two.

Daily post is awesome since I don’t have to think of a topic, I just write it. Everything is going to be the same, my objective here is still to engage people. Writing to engage. If only there’s a way to get more traffic, but there’s another problem.

So if you do read this blog, feel free to browse around and don’t be afraid to leave a piece of you mind even if it’s just a one liner. I’ll deeply appreciate it.

P.S: To Future Self,

This does not count as one post. (:


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