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29 Dec

Do you know what makes us Human?

Our weaknesses, our flaws, our talent to constantly find excuses for ourselves, our ability to procrastinate and our ability to make mistakes no matter how careful we are.

Oh ya! One more important thing that makes us Human. We tend to forget that our friends are Human. Continue reading


How to Win Friends & Influence People

3 Dec

It doesn't look as good when you're alone

I found a book lying around my house a couple of years ago & decided to have a go at it (read it, not have a bar brawl with it). My brother made fun of me saying that I’ve finally realized I have no friends. That book was none other than Dale Carnegie‘s How to Win Friends & Influence People, rewritten by Leon Shimkin.

Maybe my brother was right but whatever the case, you can never complain about having too many friends (No, not talking about fake facebook friends).

But why are friends important? What are friends anyway? Continue reading

How to Insult Someone

1 Dec

Insulting someone is telling them 'You Suck'


Insulting someone isn’t difficult at all. It’s all about presenting someone’s weaknesses or flaws for all to see.

Having said that, everything has a set of rules. Here are the rules & guidelines on how to insult someone.

You’ll need two things to excel in this. Don’t worry if you don’t have it, practice makes perfect.

First, a keen eye for details & good observation skills.

Secondly, you’ve got to be sarcastic. If it’s in your blood, even better.

So with your eye for detail, observe & pick out physical flaws that most people try to hide as best as they can. Continue reading

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