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How to get over a Mistake

4 Jan

A Boo Boo. A mistake! Not the bear.

Believe it or not, I started 2011 with a big boo boo. At work.

Work has been awesome for me ever since I joined in mid December.

The people are great. Nice, friendly people who have been slogging off together and didn’t mind an ‘outsider’ coming into the family. Needless to say, I fit right in with the help of their warmth and eagerness to teach.

I was handed important tasks. Tasks which I wouldn’t have dreamt of handling, at least not so soon. It seemed too good to be true, to the point that I was yearning to get reprimanded for something, anything. Messy desk, messy hair, untucked shirt, whatever! Nothing. Everyday was filled with smiles, laughs, ideas and progression. Continue reading

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