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Mondays are innocent

26 Apr

Mondays are like thin, scrawny bespectacled kids everybody couldn’t help picking on.

They are such easy targets. For those who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves, they got physical. Some didn’t want their hands dirty so they got their five year old baby brother to do the job. For the non physical, names were thought of.

Scrawny kids definitely didn’t want to be that way. If they had the choice, they would want to be as big as you so that they can’t beat themselves up.

MONDAYS are innocent! Unfortunately, they are like an irresistible pie that you just couldn’t help getting a slice of.

Nicknamed, “Monday Blues”. Every other day has a cooler name, but not Mondays:
1) Tuesday – “The day after THAT day” Tuesdays
2) Wednesday – “We made it halfway” Wednesdays
3) Thursday – “One more day to Friday” Thursdays
4) Friday – “Thank God it’s Friday”
5) Saturday & Sunday – “Weekends”

Here’s are some evidence that Mondays are always picked on:
1) Monday killed Sunday
2) School starts. Even got a facebook page for it
3) It’s where the crap starts all over again.
4) By lunch time, you will hear, “Tuesday! Where art thou?”
5) If you googled “Monday blues”, the first result tells you what “Monday blues” is, the second shows you images of it and the rest tells you how to beat them. Violent? You tell me.

It seems like there is a reason to celebrate any other day but not Mondays. If you fell sick, fell down, got crap from your boss, got crap from your clients, got crap from your employees, got crap from your parents, got crap from your teacher. It’s all Mondays fault.

t’s a matter of choice.

Party like a rockstar on Fridays, enjoy your weekend but prepare for Mondays. Think about it, the only reason why work piles up on Mondays is because there are weekends. Take Mondays as a challenge, start it on a high and it will escalate from there, your weekends will then feel more rewarding.

Enjoy your Mondays peeps!



18 Feb

I’ve been barraging through work nowadays and I love it. I was told my time will be made worthwhile and it has been. I don’t know where this is coming from or how this is happening. I just love where I work and what I’m doing.

Everyday is a new canvas to be filled with, everyday there’s something new to be seen and learnt. The best thing is decisions are made with a snap of the fingers and it feels great to be the fingers.

Exciting days have been experienced and exciting days are ahead.

Just a little reminder to myself:

Ideas should flow like water does, down a stream or in the sea. Let nothing stand in its way, not rocks, not bridges, not shores. Yet water will be nothing but water until its collected from the river, purified and drank to quench a thirst.

Just like ideas will be nothing unless processed, rationalized and put to action. An impractical idea is like drinking unpurified water, you’re just gonna spit it out anyway.


Strategic Management

21 Jan

School has resumed for me. It’s no joke juggling between work, school & this thing you can barely call a life. Nothing is impossible, but who would mind a little helping hand? I won’t.

My classes fall on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Seems like the best choices compared to classes landing on a bluish Monday or ‘I should partay cos tomorrow’s a Friday’ Thursday and ‘I must partay cos today’s a Friday & tomorrow’s a Saturday’ Friday.

It’s my second week of school since my break & all I can say is, it’s not a breeze. Fortunately, my helping hand came in the form of my lecturer who teaches me this module, Strategic management. He has taught me before and I know he’s good. I left work a little late & had to take 2 buses to reach school but I wouldn’t miss his class & boy was I glad I didn’t. Continue reading

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