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The D.K Effect

19 Jan

The D.K effect occurs around one man & one man only.

His personality & character is built through years of sweat & blood. Brave but not without fear, he picked up knowledge through sheer experience, trying every thing out himself.

What he lacked of, he made up with hard work. With effort, he gained success. With success there came no pride, only gratitude. He feels blessed & appreciates whatever he has & is quick to dismiss complacency when it kicks in.

He chooses his words not with his mind but with his heart. His words reflect no boastfulness, only sincerity.

While most with such success, urge to go atop a mountain & shout in joy. He rather stays grounded & shares them with his loved ones.

He is a better party host than Jimmy Fallon is on SNL. Providing his guests with a warm, cosy atmosphere, food & laughter that echo into their hearts.

He exemplifies the meaning of a giver, no a sharer (pun totally intended). He shares his good experiences & protects family & friends from bad experiences. Sharing does not stop at telling you about a nice restaurant to dine, he brings you to the place personally. Not once, not twice but many times.

He sees a tip not as a requirement but as an obligation to himself to spread great service to others he may not even know.

He brings light literally & figuratively wherever he goes. Whether you are a friend, family or stranger, at home or out, you will feel his bright bright light.

If you didn’t know him, your guard would be up & suspicion would set in. Once you hear him speak & see his sincere smile, you can’t help but reveal his reflection on your face.

His intentions are crystal clear, to spread the love & warmth to all as far as he can reach.

It’s a privilege to know a man such as he, a privilege in more ways than I can dream of indeed.

Oh, who is D.K you ask? D.K is….



I’m Posting every week in 2011!

17 Jan

I know I’m a little late joining this challenge. As cliche as it sounds, better late than never. It’s mid-January now and I’ve got to admit I’m losing pace.

Blogging isn’t a race, but I sprint from the start and I’m feeling the stitches right now.

In my first month of blogging, I got a total of 12 decent posts. I told myself that if I were able to keep up, posting 10 posts a month till the end of 2011, I’ll make this a dot com (with a different name, new guy just don’t quite cut it anymore).

Having said that, I’m really feeling the fatigue. In December, I didn’t have much to do at work. Heck, I was blogging at work. My first post was done in an hour right before lunch time.

Now in 2011, though I have fitted into my new work place, work’s piling up. My part-time classes have resumed, so this is going to be quite a challenge. One I’m so willing to take.

Like I said, I’m a little late, but I will pick topics from Daily Post every week. A post a week will give me a minimum of four posts a month. As and when I can, I will posts an extra one or two.

Daily post is awesome since I don’t have to think of a topic, I just write it. Everything is going to be the same, my objective here is still to engage people. Writing to engage. If only there’s a way to get more traffic, but there’s another problem.

So if you do read this blog, feel free to browse around and don’t be afraid to leave a piece of you mind even if it’s just a one liner. I’ll deeply appreciate it.

P.S: To Future Self,

This does not count as one post. (:



29 Dec

Do you know what makes us Human?

Our weaknesses, our flaws, our talent to constantly find excuses for ourselves, our ability to procrastinate and our ability to make mistakes no matter how careful we are.

Oh ya! One more important thing that makes us Human. We tend to forget that our friends are Human. Continue reading

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