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Unhappy Haircuts

16 Jan

I have 'my hair always looks like shit' syndrome

The saying “You’re Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link” is best understood using the analogy of a metal chain. I shall attempt to explain it using the Superman Analogy.

Superman’s X-ray vision allows him to see through walls or bodies to see if someone’s lungs are pretty much screwed up by smoking. His heat vision allows him to cut open a can of sardines without accidently cutting himself, oh wait his invulnerability will keep that from happening anyway.

He’s also super fast. We will never know if he’s faster than Flash but we know he can fly and at super speed, allowing him to turn back time by orbiting Earth in a counter direction to save his girlfriend from dying. Anakin Skywalker must be cursing the ‘force’ for not being that amazing. Continue reading

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