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That feeling…

17 Sep

Have you ever had that feeling, you know… that ‘Oh ya’ feeling.

You probably have but couldn’t quite describe it. You get it because this thing, most of the time an experience you had that gave you a great impression isn’t so familiar anymore. This experience could be long, could be short or whatever impactful enough to make you remember quite well.

You will get this ‘Oh ya’ feeling when you haven’t done this thing long enough that you somehow forgot about it.

I recently had a couple of this.

This blog has been a great experience for me. A place where I painted some of my best memories, of the people whom I’ve met or the incidents that really inspired me and simply the best times of my life. Then my work got the better of me, not that it’s a bad thing.

But talks of converting this blog into something bigger seems so distant now.

Strangely enough, a colleague came to me and some other colleagues, and randomly asked:

“Do you guys have a blog?”

“Oh yaaa” was the first thing that came to my head. I do!

I was never a national star, not even a school star player and to be brutally honest (to myself). Rugby was a game I picked up as a challenge to my brother, who in many ways was a star.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the game. I kicked some ass and got a bad shoulder to suffer for the rest of my life. I’ve met great people while playing this awesome game and have no regrets.

Recently, on a rare weekend where I had the time to myself. I channel surfed and found out that I’ve got a channel solely for rugby. I managed to catch one of the Tri Nations games.

Seeing tackles fly, mazy runs by people you think couldn’t run and men sweating for their team-mates.

I went ‘Oh Ya… great times’

Rewind two years back. When everything seemed unclear, doubtful and most of the time.. lost. A period where guys my age were probably at the most stagnant time of their lives while being told that we’re being trained to be ‘Men’.

Don’t get me wrong, being a fireman couldn’t be any better but it was also the time to decide how your future might pave out.

30% of the time, I was thinking about what I wanted to do and 70% of the time I was thinking of who I wanted to be with.

Oh wait, I didn’t have a choice to choose from two candidates. It was more thinking …

“Need to jump in the cold water, need to grow old with a girl like you”

When we were friends, sitting beside you during a movie was like winning a lottery ticket. Every quick peek at a funny moment to see your gorgeous smile was like finding out that lottery ticket was not for 2nd prize, but for the first.

We didn’t text each other every day and night nor met every other day but when we did, we couldn’t stop talking. I didn’t have to say things to impress you and you didn’t need to be afraid of telling me anything. It was the best kind of platonic relationship, till I ruined it.

I could almost settle for that, almost did. Thank goodness I didn’t.

It hasn’t been that long but it definitely feels that way.

This time has only came around twice but when it does or it is near.. I go..

“Oh ya… We were once friends, best friends actually”

And it has been awesome thus far.

I love you darling. Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

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