Happy Birthday Old Man

12 Mar

It’s going to be my 23rd birthday in about (looks at time) half an hour’s time counting from the time I typed ‘It’. Evidence of procrastination.

My birthday is over. It has been a tiring day at work and I’m writing at 5:21AM Singapore time. It’s good, how could I’ve written a post about my birthday without experiencing it first? SO anyway.

I don’t give 2 hoots about birthdays. I never had a sweet 16, never had a ‘I gotta get pissed drunk’ 18 and never had a ‘I must make this a big hoo ha’ 21st.

That’s nonsense. I’m just too lazy for my own good, can’t be bothered about organising anything and attempting to make myself sound cool cos I don’t give a hoot.

In fact, I have been the kind who goes through a roller coaster ride on my birthdays.

Do they know? No, I don’t think so.

They should know! It’s on facebook!

I think they do. Oh they look like they do. How did they know?

Oh Oh, one of them is acting suspicious. What is he doing with a lighter, he don’t smoke.

The fact is, honestly, I never felt it was anything special. I’ve actually attended a friend’s birthday party who shared the same birthday as me. I didn’t tell anyone that it was my birthday till we were talking about when our birthdays are.

I guess to that extend because I don’t think it’s anything special and when friends and colleagues organise a mini surprise and make it special. It feels great because I know to them, it’s special enough to go through the trouble.

AND of course, a certain someone has made it a personal obligation to make me feel special on this very day and everyday. (:

This year has been exceptionally awesome. The series of events since end of last year till now have been great. Celebrating a birthday with the people who have been part of it is truly a wonderful experience. 2 cards and 2 cakes.

A card from all the awesome people I’m working with and a cake from them with an aptly chosen panda made out of icing to represent me and my eye bags.

Another card that very nicely written to sum up my year so far. Of course a favourite durian cake sealed an awesome night.

Oh and thank you for everybody’s well wishes on facebook and SMS!

Lastly, we all know what’s going on in Japan. My heart goes out to them.

Done with this post at 5:52AM and realised that I left the icing panda in my Dad’s car. Why do I have a feeling this is my last birthday? Just kidding. But no, seriously, the man has a baseball bat in his car.




9 Mar

We drifted apart once my brothers and I grew older. From seeing each other every week to once every fortnight and then once a month.

For a big part of our lives, we never saw you because you were still working as a cab driver and sometimes when we visited you, you were never there.

Till later when you fell ill and couldn’t drive anymore. We made a point to visit you more often, to remind the stubborn you to eat healthy and take your medicine. But you were never going to give up your favourite food were you? Which was pretty much a wide range of unhealthy foods.

As your health deteriorated, I was puzzled with one thing. Your wife, who has been complaining to us about you since the age we were old enough to understand her. Yet she always stood by you, always. Continue reading


27 Feb

Who crowned Durian the ‘King of fruits’? Was it Mandate of Heaven or legitimacy of rulers? What is the criteria to be King anyway?

My best guess is that its smell announces its arrival just like any King who’s arrival is announced by a servant.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m Southest Asian and I love Durian. Most Southeast Asian do. Which is why it’s funny to see Fear Factor contestants tested with Durians. The only fear there is for a Southeast Asian, is that there’s no D24.

My point is, do you know how much Singapore love Durians?

You know how Singapore is know as a ‘fine’ city because whatever you do, there’s a chance of getting fined. Though the butt of that joke, Singapore has pride itself as a green city with fantastic infrastructure and good standard of living. We try to make things in public as clean as possible and as bearable as possible which means, Durian is out in public transportation because of it’s smell.

You can’t do quite a few things on Singapore public transportation.

  1. You can’t bring, let alone have Food & Beverages on board. In case you bring something that smells or you mess up the place.
  2. You can’t smoke.
  3. You can’t bring flammable goods on board.
  4. You can bring a big baggy black bag and act all suspicious. Most importantly, you better not leave it behind. I can guarantee if you do, accidently or not, they will hunt you down.

All these constitute a fine. Number 4 gets you in big trouble, worse than cash with wings I guarantee. Anyway here’s a clearer picture and why I think Singapore Government knows the people love their Durian.

Smoking gets you a fine of 1 grand. Food & Beverage gets you half a grand poorer and flammable gas is like Sonic the Hedgehog touching one of those bad guys and lots of money fall out of his pocket. Don’t worry, leaving a big black bag behind is deterred with never ending replay of anti-terrorism advertising.

Durian? If you bring durians on board. Speechless. No fine! Now that’s how much Singaporean’s love their durian and you bet the Government knows it.

Have a great weekend!


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