Happy Lunar New Year!

3 Feb

I’m sort of an insomniac. Since I was in Secondary school, about 13 years old. I’ve stayed up watching tv, thinking and playing games. I guess you can’t really call me an insomniac because I was dead tired, I could sleep but for a strange reason I didn’t want to.

Truth is, I never felt that 16 hours were ever enough. So I gave a discount on my sleeping time. 7 years ago, without twitter, facebook and not even friendster things can get kinda lonely.

Saw something funny on tv or on the net? Retweet? Share it? Huh?!

Key moments of my after midnight marathon? Here’s a few (not in chronological order):

1) Control (2004). A direct to video film about placebo effect utilised on a hardcore criminal. Great movie and it wasn’t out in Cinemas! It would have blown minds!

2) England coming from behind to thrash Germany 5-1. It may have been a thing of the past, the current German squad won’t allow anything like that to happen to them but at that time, with all the pressure on a ailing team led by David Beckham it was amazing.

3) Countless comedies, sitcoms and videos that contributed to my lame sense of humor.

All these were done alone. No brothers, friends and not even a stranger on the Internet.

The only time of the year that I won’t be staying up to the wee mornings alone, is on the eve of Chinese New Year. I’m neither religious nor traditional, yet this is one tradition I am willing to keep, for the company.

The reason for staying up on Chinese New Year’s eve is the belief that staying up late, as late as possible will contribute to your parents’ longevity. The next morning, you will be given a red packet containing cold hard cash as a token of appreciation. I do it for the money!. I do it for my folks of course, token of appreciation is secondary.

Each year, we do something a little different but every year we’re together. My mom will be cooking, my dad would be helping out. No wait. It’s the other way around. Once that’s done, we play Mahjong or computer games or just watch Chinese New Year countdown on tv.

The one time of the year, it feels right and normal to be an owl. Everyone might be getting bored of the Chinese New Year routine, so am I but this is one thing worth looking forward to. Even now.




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