Wisdom Toothless

10 Jan

He's not praying, he's beggin for mercy

There’s a few things in your body I can think of that is useful, but might bite you back one day.

  1. Appendix
  2. Tonsils
  3. Wisdom Teeth

These 3 things in your body, believe it or not has it’s uses. However, there’s a chance that these things will cause you undesirable & unbearable pain that you’ll need to have it removed.


According to Wikipedia, the vermiform (meaning worm-shaped in Latin) appendix has its part to play in our body’s immune system. It manufactures hormones, as well as ‘trains’ the immune system by exposing itself to antigens then producing antibodies. Latest studies also reveal that it might be responsible for protecting a bacteria that is beneficial to the functions of the colon.

However, inflammation of the appendix can be fatal. Once that happens, from what I’ve heard you got to remove it. Not removing it, will be fatal.


No Wikipedia help this time, because when I got my tonsils removed, the doctor explained in layman terms that our tonsils are the first line of defense to infections. If you still got your tonsils & you thought you’ve got a ‘throat infection’, it’s probably a tonsils infection.

Wow, first line of defense, so I guess now I’m like a Great Wall of China build on potato chips.

Wisdom Tooth

Hmm… what’s the wisdom tooth for anyway? Can’t find any info about that, but I love chewing my food at the back of my mouth. It’s how I savour my meat, put it at the back & chomp it. Letting the meat juices flow around while still enjoying the chewiness of the meat. Bad thing is, food gets stuck that pretty often.

SO.. why is it called the wisdom tooth? Why not trouble tooth? or ‘You know one day I gotz to leaves you’ tooth. Apparently, it’s because the tooth is different in appearance from any other tooth & back in the olden days, they were looking for something to describe this difference & they named it wisdom, Tooth.

A couple of months ago, my wisdom teeth started to cause me pain. A visit to dentist announced the impending break up & fast-forward to today, it’s all gone.

For people who say ‘We got to die to feel alive’. Their wisdom tooth extraction is probably one of those phase where you die! and live again.

In a matter of two weeks, I got 4 wisdom teeth removed (Yea I know some of you got it removed in a day). I can tell you now, a part of me died during those two operations. My second operation was just today (today as in 3 days ago, because it hurt so bad I couldn’t finish this post) & wow. I don’t feel alive at all, I must admit I’m a little scarred by the experience.

First off, my dentist looks like a mad scientist. Second of all, who’s smart idea was it to invent a mini power saw to be shoved into your mouth & cut up your tooth? Other than that, Dr. Mad Scientist has a mini steak knife which he uses to cut my gums up.

One point of time, there were 3-4 equipments in my mouth. I never knew my mouth was that big. Honestly.

The sight & sounds during the operation really left me a little traumatized. Injecting, drilling, cutting, sawing, pulling & vacuuming (so I won’t choke on my blood & saliva).

During the operation, I couldn’t believe why I put myself through this. Well other than my teeth hurting, I’ve dedicated my 2011, to getting nice straight teeth. That means, braces! So I had to remove my wisdom tooth anyway. So, I reminded myself that beauty hurts.

I kinda understand how girls feel now. Beautiful heels. Hurts like hell but it doesn’t matter as long as you look awesomely hot. It’s almost like, the more it hurts the nicer the heels are.

Back to my construction site of a mouth, I tried to distract myself by asking myself questions.

Qn: “How do I go back after this?”
Ans: “Cab”
Qn: “Do I have enough Cash?”
Ans: “Yes you do. You stash a 50 somewhere in your wallet”
Qn: “Is it me, or am I really hungry?”
Ans: “What are you talking about? I am you! And yes We’re hungry”

Dentist (Mad scientist): “Ok! It’s done!”

No apologies. After causing me such trauma and pain, not a single sorry. Alright, I’m just kidding.

So well, I’ve removed my wisdom tooth, I’ve removed my tonsils. I just hope I don’t have to remove my appendix. That’s going to hurt really bad.

From this experience I’ve learnt that, when something or someone is taken away from you, it’s going to hurt, no doubt about it. Is there anyone to blame? Not really & it doesn’t matter. What is done is done. Just got to accept it, move on and get on with Life.

Now my meals are back to baby menu, half my face kinda looks like Shrek but no amount of whining or crying is going make it go away. Just got to hang in there.

When was the last time you got something removed from you? How was the experience? Care to share?

P.S: My Dentist is actually a very nice guy.


2 Responses to “Wisdom Toothless”

  1. Flora January 16, 2011 at 11:48 am #

    I got my wisdom teeth removed all at once in college. My cheeks were really swollen for about a week after the surgery, but that didn’t stop me from hitting the bars. My priorities were so different in college…

    • Baldwin Ng January 16, 2011 at 10:15 pm #

      Haha Awesome. About the priorities, mine too but quite the opposite. After both my extraction, I was back in the office the next minute. I would never have thought of doing something so crazy years back.

      Anyway, thanks for the blogroll link. Hope you guys are enjoying your 2011 so far in Singapore.


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