What Did You Get Yourself for Christmas?

22 Dec

My Favourite Jake & Amir

I may not know the true meaning of Christmas but it’s more than just a holiday to me. Christmas to me, marks the impending New Year and a great time to look back on the passing year.

Do you make new year resolutions? Do you always meet them? I never understood why it has to be resolutions with an ‘ASS’ ‘S’. 365 days. 12 Months. 52 Weeks. 7 days a week. Too long? Too short?

Having a new year’s resolution is like surprising yourself with a Christmas gift under the Christmas tree.

You head down to the store, buy an awesome gift that you’ve always wanted, get it wrapped and placed in under the Christmas tree at home. Desperately, trying not to think about the trip down to the store or that awesome gift until Christmas day so you can surprise yourself.

Just like making a resolution. You ask yourself what you want or think you can achieve within a year. Write it down, put it under desk and forget about it. Come end of the year, Surprise! Nothing done.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. Just that I am the kind of guy who won’t head out just to buy something, let alone buy a gift and wrap it for myself. I’m the kind of guy who will buy something if I see something I need or want along the way.

So I didn’t make any resolutions last year. I didn’t make any resolutions the past years actually. I prefer to just live and let fly.

So sure, I could have head out and bought myself a nice pair of leather shoes or nice work briefcase (which I don’t have use for) or get myself an expensive haircut that I will regret for sure, right after the first snip.

But no, I didn’t.

Just as I could have planned my year. I could have say, given myself a goal like, gain a foothold in my career, or get a six pack or run 3 times a week.

But no, I didn’t

Instead I went ahead with the year with little or no plans but don’t worry I got something for myself.

Want to know what I got myself for Christmas?

Right after I finished my National Service (Yea, mandatory in Singapore) where I served my time as fire fighter, I found a job. Not exactly something I was looking for, but I have no complaints. Learn quite a bit over there. Did I run or worked out? No. That’s why my first Christmas present for myself was…

A double chin and a big belly.

Chin is something where more isn’t better. Plus, I know there’s a six pack somewhere below those blubber, but trust me it’s gonna take a while to find them

Second present for myself. Got it way before Christmas. My blog! As of today, my blog is 20 days old with 825 peeps popping by. Numbers have been slowing down but I have a blog. awesome. Got me thinking if this might be one of the reasons why I got my first present. Anyway, thank those who read my posts, bear hugs for those who subscribed. Those who didn’t… Let’s just say you’re lucky I am not working for Santa.

Third present. I lost my job but gained another almost immediately. The way I got the job surprises me, the way I feel for this company surprises me too. Anyway, I got the job and I’m loving every second of it despite the irrelevance to my degree. One word. GROUPON.

The end of 2010 sure has been great for me. I sincerely hope it has been for everyone. Keep the snow falling for those who love’em. In Singapore, snow is provided by birds and car owners hate them. Share what you got yourself for Christmas through the comments below. Till my next post!




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