How to be a Smart Web Surfer

8 Dec

Baby surfin' the net

It's gonna be so easy even the baby can do it.

Have you heard of this before?

Your Actions & Words Define You


What You Consume Defines You

More commonly said as:

That’s Going Straight to Your Ass

I totally agree. Your actions, words & things you eat define who you are, but there’s other things that define you.

Smartphone Apps make your work & personal life a little easier & add great entertainment to your commutation. Allowing you to boast to your friends about your awesome iPhone, Nokia, HTC or Blackberry etc or even mock them for not knowing or not having such great apps. So to a certain extent, your Apps define how cool you are.

Well, there’s another thing that defines you & that’s how good you are at surfing the web.

Wait! Before you scorn at my supposed limited understanding of what I am talking about. Hear me out.

Of course I am aware that anybody who can find such an obscure blog such as mine is a good web surfer. But! I am talking about being one of the best. I am talking about ‘Bookmarklets’. For those who already know what they are, go ahead and curse. For those who don’t, step this way.

Bookmarklets are sophisticated (no they aren’t) codes that allow simpletons like me to doing amazing things in a simple click of the button. You put it right…there (points up).

Like this:


Why use bookmarklets?

Bookmarklets allow you to do what you love to do efficiently & quickly. All you need is drag & drop these links onto your bookmark bar. Say goodbye to those nuisance toolbars that eat into your browser space.

You know you love to share latest attention-grabbing news, funny pictures, videos & of course not forgetting blogs (-Big Grin).

All these in just one click. Plus, we’ve to admit that there’s some sneaky people on the internet. Some buttons out there can lead you to sites you don’t want to go or infect your computer with deadly viruses.

These things happen, so dump those worries aside & trust your bookmarklets.

Here are a couple must-haves that I’ve found & used while starting this blog:

Sharing & Liking on Facebook

Here’s what I used to do when I want to share something on my wall. Copy link, shorten it, login to Facebook, paste & share.

Now, all I need to do is click the bookmarklet when I am on the page that intend to share & voila:
Share on Facebook

The same goes for the facebook like button. Just click the bookmarklet while on the page you want to like.
Click on the links to grab it.


Tweet it

Tweet bookmarklet is similar. Click on the bookmarklet when you see something interesting. It looks something like this:

The bookmarklet grabs the title of the web site & shortens the URL for you. You can edit the tweet before tweeting it. How cool is that? Tweet away!


For those of you who have a Stumbleupon account, awesome. For those who don’t, get one now.

Stumbleupon allows you to ‘stumble’ through a whole series of websites, blogs, pictures, videos & other interesting stuff. If you like it, just give it a ‘thumbs up’.

Now you can ‘thumbs up’ any site you are at, if you’re the first to ‘thumbs up’ that website, you discovered it. All ‘thumbs up’ are shared with your friends on stumbleupon. Visit this site to grab your stumbleupon bookmarklet.

Acronym, Urban Dictionary & Wikipedia Look up

I found these particularly useful. At work, I snoop around twitter on Tweetdeck (Awesome Twitter App btw) to look for latest mentions about my company. Very often I would come across this acronym, SMH. Well I googled it, SMH actually means ‘Shakes my Head’. Now with this Bookmarklet, just highlight any acronym & click. Here you go

Want to keep up or improve your Urban Vocabulary? Right this way

We all know Wikipedia can’t be used for your school assignments, but we got to admit Wikipedia gives us a good explanation of what anything is. So just highlight the word and look it up. Wiki Wiki away

For those addicted to shortening URLs, bookmarklet is for you. Get your side bar over here. Grab a account too, you can shorten and track those links that you tweet or share. Find out how many of your friends actually care about what you share.


This is an amazing app for all busy bees. Found a great read but got to leave your home or office in a minute? Bad timing? Not anymore, get your free instapaper account & install the instapaper app in your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Kindle. Click on the bookmarklet & read it on the move. Amazing? I know! All you need is right here.


Well, if you have other functions you use on the browser that isn’t mentioned here, google it for a bookmarklet. It really saves time & makes surfing the web such a breeze. Hope this helps. Unfortunately, some bookmarklets can’t be dragged & dropped for certain browsers. No worries, it works all the same once you have it on your bookmark bar. Happy surfin’ Dudes.



3 Responses to “How to be a Smart Web Surfer”

  1. kirapermunian December 8, 2010 at 8:11 pm #

    This is a nice share! Seems you wanted to drive more traffic through social media sites.

    • Baldwin Ng December 9, 2010 at 10:04 am #

      Thanks! YES! Definitely. The thing is my blog is general and does not have a specific theme. So SEO is kinda difficult. So Twitter and Facebook seems like the best option for me right now.


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